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Powerful Vinyl Shop

Powerful Vinyl provides professional Custom Vehicles Wrap services in Detroit Metro Area. In our work, we use the best tools to make everything right and to not damage your car. Also, we use the best wrapping materials that are available on the market such as 3M/Avery/Hexis. Powerful Vinyl wraps everything that you want, all exterior and interior parts. Vinyl not only make your car exclusive, it also protect the car paint from soil and future scratches. Vinyl can be removed quickly without damaging your original paint. The warranty of wrap is over 7 years if taken good care of it.

Our shop located in a safe area and have security system 24/7.


How long does it take:
For a full car wrap it takes us up to 6-7 days for the work to be finished. We really take all of our time during those days and work on your car to make sure we wrap everything perfectly.


Parts and Kits

Powerful Vinyl also specializes in Parts/Kits. We collaborate with different stores and shops, so have a huge variety of upgrades to be installed on your car (such as spoilers, lips, bumpers, side skirts, etc)


Why us? One word - details
We take off all the hardware to make that everything is covered. we take care of every corner to make sure that everything is perfect.

Since November 2017 we are officially listed under new name, which is New Layer Customs.

Please go to to check out our latest projects.

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